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Bird Watching

Every birder needs a pair of binoculars.  If you're just starting out, see if you can find other people with binoculars and practice using theirs before you spend any money.  You will want to start out with a fairly simple pair and, if you get more serious about your birding, graduate to a more expensive pair.  If you buy a used pair of binoculars, try them out first before buying. The numbers on a pair of binoculars refer to the magnification

Springtime is the best time to start birdwatching.  Reason:  the birds are territorial, and announce their presence with singing.  They don't sing because they are happy!  They sing to let other members of their species know to stay out of their territory.  And only the males sing. If you live in a rural area or neighborhood with lots of trees and shrubs, take a walk around and listen.  See how many different bird songs you can hear.  Each species has a

What’s so great about birdwatching? It seems like all the kids are doing it these days, so there must be something to it. I’m joking a little here, because in reality not that many youngsters are into birdwatching. But this seems to be changing and I dream of a future where many more of our children are excited about birds and nature in general. Until then, let’s talk about why birds are cool and why you should start watching them. Birds are amazing

Feeding wild birds is one of the best ways to impact the world around you. The simple act of putting out a bird feeder and keeping it full can greatly improve the chances that birds and their offspring will survive. Many believe that birds only benefit from feeders during certain times of the year. However, birds actually have a year-round need for reliable, steady food sources. The information below will explain what food types you should feed during each of

Good quality optics are an essential tool for any birder, but which is the better choice: spotting scopes or binoculars? Both designs have pros and cons. Understanding when and where to use a spotting scope or binoculars can help you choose your best option for birding. Why Do You Need Optics at All? It’s easy to see different birds with your eyes alone. Many different birds are distinctive enough in coloring, size, shape, and markings that with a good view, you can

I’ve always loved birds and recently I’ve been considering taking up birdwatching as a new interest. However, I’m shocked that what I’d thought was a casual hobby for many is actually much more. There are levels of interest in birds that I had no idea about – ranging from mild pleasure to an entire lifestyle consumed by travel, competition, and equipment. What’s the difference between birding and birdwatching? Although the interest is the same, what separates birding from birdwatching is the

Bird watching for kids is a great activity that allows little ones to enjoy the environment while taking time away from screens and schoolwork to revel in the stillness of the world around them. Birding can be done from anywhere—even your own backyard—and there are many ways to build upon the experience and make it a lifelong hobby. Prepare to Spread Your Wings You may have grown up bird watching, or you might barely be able to tell the difference between a

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