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An RV (recreational vehicle) has some serious benefits to it. One being that you can count on very decent accommodations wherever you go, including some of the best and wildest outdoor events the US has to offer. They are scattered all over the country, and you may do well to plan visiting some of them in advance, as you go along your journey in your own rig - or rent one. As a matter of fact, check out the local RV

In the past I have taken long-haul flights to Dubai x2, Thailand, and South Africa x2. If you consider the fact that I have a fear of flying, you know that these trips were major accomplishments. I decided years ago that I would not let that fear get in the way of me seeing the world. This post will be three fold. I will share tips & tricks for surviving long-haul flights, tips to help those with a fear of

Feeding wild birds is one of the best ways to impact the world around you. The simple act of putting out a bird feeder and keeping it full can greatly improve the chances that birds and their offspring will survive. Many believe that birds only benefit from feeders during certain times of the year. However, birds actually have a year-round need for reliable, steady food sources. The information below will explain what food types you should feed during each of

Fishing through the winter months can be very rewarding for a number of reasons. Cold temperatures keep fair-weather anglers home and hunting seasons lead many anglers to trade lakes for the woods. Winter is also the time of year when most freshwater species group up. The result: more fish for cold-weather anglers. During the coolest months of the year, preparation, research, and the proper tackle can make for memorable fishing trips. Pick the Perfect Spot The first step in a successful fishing

 is supposed to be a fun-filled activity, but many people never get to experience this awesome feeling. It does not matter whether you are traveling on a business trip or for entertainment purposes. It can be a short trip or one that you take endless hours in the same vessel. It also does not matter if you will be air bound, use waterways, or even travel by road. Below are some tips to ensure that you enjoy every bit of

If you’ve been struck with a newfound yearning for a walk beyond your backyard into the backcountry, lace up your hiking boots and follow that impulse. Hiking is profoundly healthy for both your mind and body. Researchers have found that getting out and walking in nature can mitigate symptoms of depression, increase your attention span, and improve your overall fitness level. And those benefits aren’t reserved solely for seasoned hikers taking multi-day treks through difficult terrain. Heading outside regularly from

Good quality optics are an essential tool for any birder, but which is the better choice: spotting scopes or binoculars? Both designs have pros and cons. Understanding when and where to use a spotting scope or binoculars can help you choose your best option for birding. Why Do You Need Optics at All? It’s easy to see different birds with your eyes alone. Many different birds are distinctive enough in coloring, size, shape, and markings that with a good view, you can

From a “macro” perspective, the general principles of camping are relatively simple. More than anything else, it’s a matter of adaptation and acclimation to living outdoors rather than within four walls. Regardless, there are a multitude of tips and tricks to help make that transition easier, and allow your time spent camping to be more relaxing and enjoyable. General Outdoor Tips The tent is the focal point of most camping trips. If you’re a beginning camper, there are a couple of different

. Hike at your own pace If you’re like many other women, the first introduction you may have had to hiking is with an experienced companion who sets off at a fast pace that leaves you gasping for breath. Inevitably this leads you to decide that hiking isn't fun. Being forced to hike at a slower pace than you want can also be uncomfortable and often discourages people from going on group hikes. The most important hiking skill you can learn

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