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The Eco Trek

An RV (recreational vehicle) has some serious benefits to it. One being that you can count on very decent accommodations wherever you go, including some of the best and wildest outdoor events the US has to offer. They are scattered all over the country, and you may do well to plan visiting some of them in advance, as you go along your journey in your own rig – or rent one.

As a matter of fact, check out the local RV rent prices and run a quick calculation of the total rent+gas bill to get to a liked festival and back. When comparing that with an expected on-site accommodation fee (and with the level of comfort offered there)… you may just find renting an RV to be a cheaper AND more luxurious option. Not to mention all the Journey romantics and pleasures!

In this open-air festival review for 2020 we’ve purposely ignored some of the most-known title like Milwaukee Summerfest, The Burning Man or Red Bull King of the Air titles, as there’s plenty of info on those. Instead we’ve picked something different to fit everyone’s’ bill:

Knob Creek Range Machine Gun Shoot

1st week of April 2020, Kentucky

“The world’s largest machine-gun shoot.” There are a number of machine gun shooting events taking place all over the US, but few like the one taking place an the Knob Creek.

On the website it says, “Visitors can avail themselves of a wide variety of powerful weapons, including magazine-fed and belt-fed machine guns, automatic rifles from the 1930s, and more exotic artillery, like a full-size cannon.” Shooting a CANNON! What a great way to start RV traveling season 2020! Oh, and do not watch YouTube videos of previous year events. Cause the video really struggles to transmit the joy of multiple full-auto fire laid down at an unsuspecting refrigerator down the range… and of course the smell. That smell of gunpowder in the morn… well, you get the idea!

Kids admission policy is quite strict in Knob Creek for obvious reasons, so do check out their website for details.

Monster Jam 2020

1st week of May 2020, Florida

Do not be fooled by a baeten trope of Monster Truck Show – these days this event is hel all over the US (we’ve just picked on on an RV-comfy state and at RF-friendly time of year). Monster Jam is a top notch spectacular show of power and raw mechanical might. Not man, woman or child will stay calm at the view of these gigantic machines built to last, climb and crush stuff! Special socialisation events like a Pit Party precede the competition of monstrous proportions and somewhat irrelevant results, ’cause in the end everybody goes there to see things CRUSHED BID TIME! And they have nice ice cream too!

EDM (Electronic Dance Music) Festival

There are quite a few, but we’ve picked an Electric Forest Festival
1st week of June 2020, Michigan

Easily one of the best in its genre, the event is held on a huge open air site (a forest actually, hence the name), an event that has a unique spirit and the atmosphere to it that draws more and more people every year. Do not be stopped by the declared music genre: Electronic music combine many ways to create fantastic driving and mindful music, so you will soon find yourself dancing amidst the michigan woods with thousands of other people coming from all over the US and the world to make a head dive into something so spectacular and mind-blowing.

RV campers are definitely welcome (and will probably find themselves in a more privileged accommodation that other visitors… but really you shouldn’t count on returning to your RV before the dawn.

The Blue Angels Show

2nd week of July, California

Witness the America’s finest pilots, the Blue Angels in their natural environment. You may think that you know enough about airplanes and fighter jets, but trust us – no number of books, films, games or videos will substitute seeing what some of the best trained combat pilots in the world are capable of when flying in a group of six, below 300 feet and making breath-taking and lethal maneuvers literally feet away from each other.

The people who’s been to the show before say that watching a performance this graceful and powerful was giving them second thoughts of enlisting… But jokes apart, this kind of event is one of many all over the US, the most flying country in the world. Take your pick and hasten to see what these brave men can do. Because it may be another 30 odd years and it will be just robots flying around, leaving you with a wonderful tales of good old F-18 doing crazy piloting to be told to your grandchildren…

Largest RV Show Hershey

3rd week of September 2020, Pennsylvania

A 4-day grand show, aimed at RVers from all straights of life. Over 1500 RVs were shown in 2019, and many more latest and useful merchandise that address practically every RVer’s need.

Many speakers from the industry and the RV-community shows and vlog celebrities will attend and some will probably make meaningful speeches on all manner of big and small things related to RV life, be it for a first-timers or seasoned travellers.

A great opportunity to meet lots of like-minded people, learn of their experience, the places they’ve been and the places they intend to visit this year, so you could gather up again soon! Certainly an opportunity not worth missing unless you a the harder-than-nails wilderness survivalist of an RVer… and even then there probably will be people who’d love to hear your story!

Balloon fiesta 2020

1st week of October, New Mexico

Still shirt-warm sunny weather, hundreds of magnificent hot air balloons that take off and land for over a week and many many great colorful selfies to be taken! On of the most affordable and meaningful opportunities to ride a real balloon and to enjoy the full breadth of New Mexican sky and landscape that is simply unattainable for an airplane, a helicopter, yet alone from the ground. RV-friendly parking and camping, full spectrum of on site conveniences and the company of calm, thoughtful and open-minded people from all over the US and Europe, who just love staring at huge floating balls for hours on end… What a fine way to close that 2020 travel season!

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