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Trekking In Nepal

Are you a travel person? Want to trek to a heavenly place. Well, Nepal is there for you with enormous possibilities and beauties. Nepal, a world of numerous high peaks, beautiful trails along the trekking route, the sparkling river flowing all around, beautiful temples that lie all around Nepal, are the significant highlights of why Nepal visit is a must. There are a plethora of trekking options in Nepal and are always waiting for you. So pack your bag, head towards the land of Himalayas Nepal. I am sure that you will find the reflection of heaven after visiting Nepal. All of the adventure trips are hidden in the high hills and Himalayan regions. So get out of your comfort zone and explore the beautiful places of Nepal.

There are endless trails in Nepal, which will expose to the real beauty of Nature. If you have dreamed of reaching the top of the mountains, then visiting Nepal can fulfill your dream with no doubts. Nepal offers fantastic landscapes, mesmerizing journey, and pleasurable environment. Nepal trekking is not just about ascending the high mountains, but also exploring the beautiful trails, diverse flora and fauna, and many more. Geographically, Nepal is a small country, but the beauties it possesses is beyond the expectation. Nepal has enormous sources to fulfill the traveling zeal of avid travelers. Nepal is a small landlocked country yet filled with a plethora of nature.

Want to go trekking in Nepal? Namaste! A world of high peaks, endless trails, and plenty of trekking options is awaiting you. When you first thought of trekking in al sources. PeopleNepal, you probably imagined yourself hiking up the steep slopes of Mount Everest, dodgy ladders over the Khumbu Icefall included. Right? Wrong. Trekking in Nepal is not about ascending the highest peaks of the Himalaya and the world.

You will always be amazed at the astounding surrounding full of diverse creatures of Nepal. Not only this, the people here provide a warm environment. There is numerous dense jungle lying in the lap of Nepal. They possess various endangered species of Royal Bengal Tigers, One-horned rhinoceros, Himalayan Yak, and many more.

Once you visit Nepal, then you would feel immense pleasure in exploring the more beautiful places here. It has the highest mountain, Mt. Everest, the ever-flowing Himalayan rivers, glaciers, large lakes, green valleys, and lovely waterfalls, the national parks in the Terai and Himalayan range are all the attractions for tourists. Nepal is a multi-ethnic, multi-language, and multi-culture country.

This article mainly focuses on the topic that relates to trekking in Nepal and major reasons why trekking in Nepal. Trekking in Nepal does not mainly focus on one place, there are lots of trekking destinations in Nepal. It would take a year to explore all of the places in Nepal. Everest Base Camp trekking, Annapurna Base Camp trekking, Mardi Himal trekking, Upper Mustang Trekking, Nepal Luxury Package are some of the famous trekking (out of hundreds trekking destination) and tour options that every tourist wishes for.

Reasons for Trekking in Nepal:

Every avid trekker is always seeking for the major adventure. While their search will be incomplete if they do not visit Nepal. Nepal is the best trekking spot due to various reasons. Why trekking in Nepal, prompt as the bid question to many people. You will be all cleared after reading this article.

Undoubtedly, Nepal is the bests trekking spot among other countries. There are more than dozens of astounding high peaks including the world’s most top Mt. Everest. Apart from this, Mt. Kanchanjanga, Mt.Lotse, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Cho Oyu, Mt.Dhaulagiri and many other mountains are equally beautiful and exciting to explore.

Having the closest view of such incredibly panoramic mountains is a dream comes true moment. Seeing those sparking peaks right in front of your eyes is what heaven feels like. You will get to connect with nature from your inner heart. Not only the heights of this mountain are the massive hit factor, but also the trails that lead to those fantastic peaks will expose something different each day.

Diverse flora and fauna, terrace farming, various endangered animals, beautiful villages, and settlements along the trail will motivate you and teach a different lifestyle of the Himalayan peaks. Nepal being home to almost 6500 flowering plants, 2500 species vascular plants, and 130 other species, it offers natural beauty in each step. Visiting Nepal is an exciting and thrilling feeling that will expose to various creatures.

Nepal possesses ten UNESCO listed World Heritage Sites

Multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, multi-cultural country Nepal, is located in South Asia. Most importantly this country is blessed with various natural and cultural factors. It consists of fertile plains in Terai, subalpine forest in hills, and numerous snow-capped mountains in the Himalayan. Nepal has caught the attention of tourists from around the years. Various places in Nepal serves as the place of great beauty. Eight of the ten tallest mountains lie in here.

Besides these, various historical and religious places are listed in UNESCO world heritage sites. Uncountable temples monasteries, stupas, and many other sacred places make Nepal one of the target destinations for pilgrims. Nepal offers you a chance to visit worldwide sacred popular places like Pashupatinath temple, Lumbini (Birth Place of Gautam Buddha), Muktinath, Janaki Temple, Boudhanath Stupa, Dakshinkali Temple, Bhaktapur, Patan. The map of Nepal is filled with traditional diversities and numerous historical diversities. Among them, the cultural diversity is all scattered all over the country, while historical diversities are occupied in the central part of the country.

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