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January 2020

In the search for healing modalities, one of the best, easiest, and most rewarding things that you can do is to go outside. Being in nature is a healing and renewing experience. While it can be wonderful to take an extended vacation in an exotic locale, it is not necessary to enjoy the myriad gifts that nature affords. Simply spending time outside in a garden, walking in the neighborhood, or visiting a park can increase your vitality, energy, and mood. Nature

Are you one of the millions who’s discovered that genealogy is absolutely addicting? Ask anyone who’s been at it for even a little while and you’ll inevitably hear tales of surfing the internet in pajamas at three in the morning, climbing over fences to get to abandoned cemeteries, and purposely trying to get locked into libraries overnight. Once you get started, you won’t want to stop. Why? The thrill of the hunt! Genealogy is your own personal history mystery. You get

Are you a travel person? Want to trek to a heavenly place. Well, Nepal is there for you with enormous possibilities and beauties. Nepal, a world of numerous high peaks, beautiful trails along the trekking route, the sparkling river flowing all around, beautiful temples that lie all around Nepal, are the significant highlights of why Nepal visit is a must. There are a plethora of trekking options in Nepal and are always waiting for you. So pack your bag, head

I’ve always loved birds and recently I’ve been considering taking up birdwatching as a new interest. However, I’m shocked that what I’d thought was a casual hobby for many is actually much more. There are levels of interest in birds that I had no idea about – ranging from mild pleasure to an entire lifestyle consumed by travel, competition, and equipment. What’s the difference between birding and birdwatching? Although the interest is the same, what separates birding from birdwatching is the

When gearing up for winter day hiking you want footwear, clothing and traction aids that can be used across a fairly wide range of temperatures, wind speeds, sun, precipitation types, and surface conditions. For example, typical winter weather includes: Temperatures: from 40 degrees down to 20 below zero (Fahrenheit) Wind speeds: up to 50 mph Sunlight: from intense sunshine and snow glare to heavy clouds or dense forest cover Precipitation types: including blowing snow, freezing fog, sleet, freezing rain, and rain

If you want to see the World, there are a few things you need to have in order before you can safely set off from your home country. Planning your destination and making sure you have a passport are only the bare-minimum steps, but there is no need to become discouraged if World travel seems like a daunting endeavor. With the right logistical support, enough information and a little bit of money anyone can cast off and begin traveling. Here

Kayaking creates a beautiful image of outdoor exploration. The gliding movement of kayak across a glassy area of water, its wake glistening in the reflected light, and its bow knifing through the mist is a beautiful experience you will enjoy. As a beginner paddler, we have some helpful kayaking techniques for beginners that you need to get started with your kayaking. Though buying a boat of your own might be a good option, but chances are you might not buy a

Have you ever wanted to find out more about where you come from? Ever wondered why you look the way you do? Perhaps you have pondered why your great-grandparents came to the United States or how your family ended up in Australia. Or perhaps you just like solving puzzles or mysteries! Researching your family history might be the biggest mystery of all. You may encounter great twists and turns as you begin to put together the pieces that make up your

Bird watching for kids is a great activity that allows little ones to enjoy the environment while taking time away from screens and schoolwork to revel in the stillness of the world around them. Birding can be done from anywhere—even your own backyard—and there are many ways to build upon the experience and make it a lifelong hobby. Prepare to Spread Your Wings You may have grown up bird watching, or you might barely be able to tell the difference between a

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